I have gotten severe chronic migraines since I was 4yrs old, at least, that is the earliest one I have memory of. I remember camping out in the living room, in my Barney sleeping bag, crying because the pain hurt so bad. My Mom had given me kids Tylenol and I wasn’t getting better, rather my condition had progressed to throwing up. She called my Grandpa and asked him if I should be taken to the hospital. I remember hearing her tell my dad later that my Grandpa had told her, “Kid’s don’t get headaches. She must have heard somebody…

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Go big or go home right? When I started the bootcamp prep program for Flatiron in early September, I did their mini Javascript, and Ruby programs. Since my cohort didn’t start until mid October, I decided to practice by building a Wheel of Fortune game in Repl. Looking at it today, I can see everything I did wrong. So when I came to the end of Phase 1 in my cohort, with the opportunity to build a command line application in Ruby that utilized an API, I decided to go further than just going through an API. …

I was raised by crazy people. That’s pretty much what I tell people, it’s the easiest way to describe being raised be people who isolated my sisters and I in a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. (That farmhouse was owned by a family friend who was tired of seeing my parents get evicted from one place after the next, and my sisters and I sleeping in church parking lots.) I had no friends. I wasn’t allowed to watch most modern movies or tv. I wasn’t allowed to listen to secular music. I wasn’t allowed to cut my hair above…

Jessica Bradham

Jessica is a Designer who is studying Software Engineering at Flatiron School, she has 2 giant dogs, a love of javascript, and hates Papyrus (the font).

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